Because of its proximity to the Hyde Park Trail, Hyde Park Landing (“HPL”) interfaces with pedestrian traffic using the Trail as well as Hudson River travelers (sailboats and kayaks, as well as motor trawlers) from near and far. These persons often have questions about the amenities and destinations in Hyde Park, as well as what the area is all about. HPL decided that a kiosk with displays of information on local sites and trails, local history and natural history, local dining, shopping, and activities would find a ready audience. To that end, the kiosk project commenced and a kiosk was built, modeled after a railroad crossing watchman’s shanty that was formerly along the nearby railroad tracks. Plate 5 (HISTORY section) shows the original structure in the background of the photograph to the left of the railroad signal bridge.

kiosk project

This kiosk, winner of a recent signage award from the Hyde Park Visual Environment Committee, is located on the southeast corner of HPL’s property, just off River Road (County Route 41). The original shanty design was modified to create five recessed niches for informational exhibits. There is also a weather-proof display area for informational brochures.

The kiosk features reproductions of two segments of the Olin Dows murals in the Hyde Park Post Office created under one of FDR’s New Deal programs. They illustrate the Hyde Park Landing site and have been included as a frieze just under the roofline.

Organizations interested in participating in this dynamic information project are invited to contact HPL by email using the “Contact Us” section of this website, or by phone at 845-229-9669. Assistance is available to aid in the design and construction of displays if such is needed.