Restaurants at the Culinary Institute of America Restaurants in nearby Rhinebeck The Valley Table (guide) Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Some of our favorite restaurants (listed South to North) include: Beech Tree Grill, 1 Collegeview Avenue, Poughkeepsie, 845-471-7279 The Artist’s Palette, 307 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, 845-483-8074 Culinary Institute of America (five renowned restaurants ranging from a … [Read more…]


  Because of its proximity to the Hyde Park Trail, Hyde Park Landing (“HPL”) interfaces with pedestrian traffic using the Trail as well as Hudson River travelers (sailboats and kayaks, as well as motor trawlers) from near and far. These persons often have questions about the amenities and destinations in Hyde Park, as well as … [Read more…]


General Information on the Region Historic Hyde Park Provides clear information on visiting the myriad National Historic Sites in our town relating to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and Frederick W. Vanderbilt. Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area This is one of the best all around sites for visitors to the Hudson Valley. Detailed information can … [Read more…]


  2020 Tides at Hyde Park Landing (PDF)         2020 Currents at Hyde Park Landing (PDF)       Our weather station is currently unavailable. Please see the NOAA weather forecast here.


Persons traveling the Hudson River are afforded the opportunity to temporarily moor their vessels at Hyde Park Landing. There are two Transient Moorings available (refer to map). Each has its own mooring pennants attached to a blue Styrofoam float. The northernmost is for larger boats, up to 44 feet in length. The more southerly transient … [Read more…]


Rates for the 2020 Summer Season (May 15 – October 15) are: Seasonal Access Fee – $160 Seasonal Launch Ramp Fee – $265 Kayak Rack Usage – $55/per space Seasonal Inside Dock Space – $565 per slip Seasonal Mooring – $665 plus $29/ft in excess of 22 feet Seasonal Storage of Boat Trailer – $210 … [Read more…]